Why Taiwan Chlorella?


As no other means, chlorella can purify the body of all the bad things you can imagine. In addition, it gives you complete support in your diet in terms of vitamins, minerals and proteins. Moreover, it also renews your cell structures so that damaged and aged cells are rejuvenated and healthy again. At least if you have Chlorella that is of high quality on all fronts, such as Taiwan Chlorella.


You choose Taiwan Chlorella, because this chlorella:


  1. is grown in a 100% natural way
  2. The purest natural chlorella produces
  3. Only uses superior strains – since 1964! This results in a powerful chlorella.
  4. Broken cell wall via pressure release method
  5. Nothing is added to the chlorella. There is openness in test results and about the breeding proces.
  6. Really does what it promises. Purification and strength in a pure form.
Of course you go for a pure chlorella, but much more important is what the chlorella can do for you (purifying and supporting your body function and structure). We call this the power of Chlorella. You can only grow powerful chlorella is you do this with all the care you can give. Taiwan Chlorella grows the most powerful Chlorella by continuously paying attention to the factors that play a role in this. Namely, a targeted choice of powerful strains to start the culture, a natural growth with all the associated factors, the choice of the most powerful end products, the best breaking method of the cell wall and the natural processing into powder and pill without additives.

By selecting only the most powerful strains after each cultivation and using these as the basis for a new cultivation, the Chlorella as a whole becomes stronger and stronger. We call this the ‘Taiwan Chlorella power selection’. In our production we therefore apply the natural law of the strongest, so that every culture is stronger than the previous one. This has been the way for over 55 years. Therefore, you cannot compare Taiwan Chlorella with any other chlorella in the world.

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There are a lot of quality differences between Chlorella brands. One chlorella really isn’t the other. Are you looking for a reliable chlorella of good quality? Then it seems like you have many options to choose from. Due to well-written product descriptions, many Chlorella supplements seem like top products. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. And this is very important if you want to enjoy the benefits of Chlorella. After all, that’s the reason you’re going to use it!

So, do you want to buy chlorella? Tip: make sure you know who is the breeder of the chlorella.

Chlorella is an increasingly in demand supplement and you don’t want to run the risk of over-cultured, contaminated, uncontrolled chlorella from inferior strains

. Ask for a detailed test report.


Taiwan chlorella production is 100% natural. No additives, no chemical treatments.

You know exactly what you get in your house and more importantly what you put in your body, and that it is a natural and powerful chlorella. Bad qualitychlorella can put a lot of strain on your body.


On paper ‘qualitatively good’ chlorella can still be an inferior product. Therefore you also have to pay attention to following points:

  1. The color of the chlorella.
    A good chlorella can be supplemented with a filler, so that not only the effect deteriorates, but the agent can even become stressful for you. One of the largest sellers in the Netherlands in the field of diluted chlorella is chlorella such that there is only 20% real chlorella in their end product. Yet they advertise with 100% natural. You can clearly see a dilution by the color and gloss. Genuine natural high-quality chlorella such as Taiwan Chlorella has a very dark green color and a light shine due to the oily component. Due to the purity and high value of nutrients, it does not need anything, not even binders, to be pressed into tablets.
  2. The way of growing: natural or artificial?
    Taiwan Chlorella is provenly pure. However, purity alone is not the most important thing. The purest chlorella is chlorella grown artificially in greenhouses and tubes under artificial light. And that while chlorella is a natural product. If you grow it artificially, chlorella is no longer natural. You then have some kind of disabled, deformed weak chlorella. Chlorophyll, one of the most important components of chlorella, gets its strength and effect under normal sunlight, in natural water, in normal outdoor air.Also the cell wall, which becomes very strong and powerful under natural conditions, does not get any resistance to developing in a greenhouse or tube. The cell wall is a very important part of chlorella; especially to remove heavy metals.
  3. Environmental pollution?
    Taiwan Chlorella wins the top prize when it comes to the least environmental pollution. Something you cannot 100% prevent when you grow naturally. The contamination of our chlorella is negligibly low, namely 5 to 9 times lower than that of organic grains and vegetables, which have to extract their nutrients from the soil. Of course also because we grow in the cleanest natural environment.


Good chlorella is a very powerful dietary supplement. That’s what we at Taiwan Chlorella are committed to produce. That’s why transparency is so important so you know what you’re buying and don’t get empty promises.

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