Chlorella Growth Factor

Chlorella Growth Factor, in short CGF, is a highly concentrated extract obtained by isolating the cell core components of Chlorella. Because Chlorella knows such a incredible speed of growth. It doubles itself within 20 hours, scientists went looking for the cause. Something that can grow so fast has very much life force and recovery ability. They discovered that the substances in the cell nucleus of Chlorella and their interaction were responsible for this. In surveys to follow they discovered what the effects of this were for our health.

For example, CGF contains special glycoproteins which build our immune system and have cancer inhibitory effects. CGF also has a large part of water soluble vitamins, essential minerals and heavy metal binding proteins. There are antiviral, antifungal and antibacterial substances. It contains a high concentration of aminopeptiden which help the intake and processing of materials. A large contribution to the growth and repair of our cells, is made by the high content of DNA and RNA and photo hormones. CGF contains more substances and further researches are in progress.

Regarding the functions of CGF based on what we know so far, we can tell about the following effects:

  • It promotes the natural development and a fast healthy growth for children and young animals.
  • It prevents early aging
  • It increases our resistance to bacteria and virusses
  • It helps against the negative side effects of chemo therapy.
  • It restores and contibutes in a probiotic way the flora of our intestines
  • It prevents infections of bacterial and viral nature
  • It helps to remove toxic waste from our body.
  • Improves vitality.
  • Helps to keep your teeth healthy.
  • It lowers allergic sensitivity

We can conclude that CGF, with its inner high concentrations of life contributing materials and working, is ideal when you want to put accents in the improvement of your health. Next to your normal dose of Chlorella a great combination

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