Chlorella poeder

Een hoogwaardige Chlorella, aantoonbaar zuiver en krachtig en 100% natuurlijk. Poeder heeft precies dezelfde samenstelling als tabletten.

Gebruik poeder:

Taiwan Chlorella powder is especially nice to use in your smoothie, in soup or other dishes, as a very small dose, for on the skin as an ointment or mask and you take it easily with water. Powder in water is also better for people with a weak stomach.

Taiwan Chlorella:

  1. purifyies the intestines and liver
  2. Ensures cell rejuvenation,
  3. increases your immunity,
  4. multiplies your energy
  5. natuurlijk vitaminecomplex

Our chlorella powder contains high levels of chlorophyll, all essential amino acids, all important vitamins and minerals in a purely natural form. The cell wall is pressure/release broken. Ready to improve and safeguard your health. Check the product description for dose and more info.

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