Chlorella powder

Pure Taiwan Chlorella powder.

A high-quality Chlorella, provably pure, powerful and 100% natural. Powder has exactly the same composition as tablets. You take Taiwan Chlorella powder especially when you want to use it in more applications such as a daily dose, juices, dishes and smoothies. You also choose for powder over tablets if you have a somewhat weaker stomach. Click here for our test reports.

Taiwan Chlorella:

  1. purifies the intestines and liver
  2. ensures cell rejuvenation,
  3. increases your resistance,
  4. increases your energy
  5. natural vitamin complex

Our chlorella powder contain a high amount of chlorophyll, all essential amino acids, all important vitamins and minerals in a pure and natural form. The cell wall is broken by pressure / release method. So our chlorella is ready to heal and improve your health. View the product description for dose and more info.

Order your Taiwan Chlorella powder quick and easy below. Delivery within 1-3 working days. For dose, content and effects, click on the product.

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