The well-known energy dip, where you sit behind your desk and think;' I just had a little more energy. It's a kind of fatigue we all know. What causes it, what can we do about it and more importantly; How can we prevent it.

Why too little energy?

The energy dip is a moment where we have too little energy, because we can't get it in time in the right place. Energy is available in the body as Adenosine triphosphate or ATP. If this amount is used, it must be replenished, by the absorption of energy substances, by supply from other places or by conversion from stored energy.

The reason why we get an energy dip is that this does not happen. If the ATP is used locally, such as in the brain, then it is not or insufficiently replenished in that area.


Two reasons why your energy is not replenished in time.

The energy dip is a feeling of fatigue that takes you a bit by surprise. Suddenly you feel a fatigue come over you. This is actually always due to the same reason; Namely that you spend too long with a monotonous load that requires too little overall movement from you. Think of studying, computer work or monotonous manual labour.

This cause has three backgrounds.

  1. There is too little movement and therefore too little circulation in clearance, replenishment and refreshment
  2. An environment has already been created that puts too much strain on your system. This is the pollution of your intercellular environment through bad food, too little sport and absorption of pollutants.
  3. There are too few substances present that trigger all energy processes. These are the enzyme actions made possible by our vitamins and minerals.


The solution: How do you get rid of your energy dip?

In the foregoing, we read in the first reason how we can immediately get rid of our energy dip. And that is because by getting moving; Variety!

Get up and do something else for a while. Take a breath of fresh air outdoors. Do a few exercises, have a drink and take a deep breath. Let your energy flow again and you will see that you immediately come out of the dip. Especially with the energy dip, the pep remedies are often discussed. And yes, they will also get your energy going, but you always pay a price in terms of extra pollution in your body and an overload of the liver and kidneys.


How do I prevent my energy dip?

This is an even more important question, because it largely determines your healthy way of life. To make your energy dip less frequent or avoid it altogether. Do you have to tackle all three backgrounds.

  1. Put yourself in motion and provide variety
  2. Clearing and cleaning your internal environment
  3. Ensuring that there are enough vitamins and minerals in your body


Taiwan Chlorella clears up like no other natural remedy

For the second reason, it is best to use Taiwan Chlorella. Chlorella cleans up the slags and waste products around the cells and removes all harmful substances, even heavy metals. In a way, that no other remedy can do it. Your intestines are cleaned up, your liver and kidneys and your total system not only will get a clean intercellular environment, but also a clean digestive system in which pollutants have much less chance of being absorbed.


Taiwan Chlorella contains all the necessary vitamins and minerals.

The third background reason is also best tackled with Taiwan Chlorella. Because that's the beauty of Chlorella. It doesn't just clean up. It also nourishes in the most perfect proportions. All vitamins, even the complete vitamin B range, can be found in Taiwan Chlorella.


Taiwan Chlorella is 100% natural

And Taiwan Chlorella is of course a 100% natural product. This means that it is never forced upon your body, but taken in naturally This in comparison with your multivitamin pill; you only absorb a small percentage of your chemically composed vitamin pill, because it has to be broken down forcibly. It puts a strain on the liver and kidneys, and it also leaves pollution behind. Very different from a natural vitamin from Taiwan Chlorella.


Three types of being tired

There are three types of being tired;

The energy dip, which we saw last time, the work fatigue, which we discussed now, and the chronic fatigue. All of them show a lack of energy and in that sense they are the same. For the backgrounds, all three are completely different. In our next blog we will look at chronic fatigue and burn-out.


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Your health is at the heart of our work.

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