In our previous blogs we discussed the standard dose and the therapeutic dose of Taiwan Chlorella. Today we're going to look at how you can vary your standard dose and when. You take Taiwan Chlorella for a reason and it is good to learn what it does to you and in what way.


Taiwan Chlorella works on three fronts.

The results of taking Taiwan Chlorella are achieved on three fronts: 

  1. Cleaner intestines; making your liver cleaner and the internal environment of and between the cells. This gives you better absorption of the substances you need and better removal of waste and toxic or harmful substances that come with your diet.
  2. Addition of minerals and vitamins; which results in a better build-up of the active substances in your body. Such as your resistance, your transport, your energy build-up and use, your hormone balance and your nerve transmission.
  3. Cell renewal The basic RNA and DNA structures together with the CGF provide additional repair, even in the DNA area of ​​damaged and degenerative cells. All in all, of course, additionally supported by the cleaner environment and the added vitamins and minerals.


Which category do you belong to?

I'll keep it short in terms of explanation here, but you can imagine that the effects can vary greatly from person to person depending on your state of health, age and fitness. With regard to the effects, I divide people into four categories:

  1. The first category are people who feel relatively healthy. They will mainly use Taiwan Chlorella to stay healthy and counteract the accumulating effect of today's pollution. This first category will not notice much except an improvement in bowel movements because they already feel healthy. They want to prevent complaints.
  2. The second category of people are people who feel tired, regularly have joint complaints, poor sleep, stomach or intestinal complaints, regular headaches or other regular complaints that allow them to make progress, but do not make them feel completely healthy. These are clear complaints for which the GP or specialist has no clear answers.
  3. The third category are people with a chronic condition. Such as colitis, migraine, diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and other chronic conditions.
  4. The fourth category are people with an acute condition such as trauma (fracture, sprain, burn, open wound, operation or infection).

Even more effect through conscious effort and variation

If you want to increase the effects of Taiwan Chlorella, you must first know what exactly these effects are. Now everyone knows exactly what we feel, but we never put it all together. That is exactly what needs to happen now.


Measuring your effects

If you belong to category 2, 3 or 4, you can measure the effects on your health. You not only use the efforts of Taiwan Chlorella, but also improve your lifestyle (if necessary).

To map your effects, do the following:

  • Take a piece of paper and pen.
  • First clearly describe why you are taking Taiwan Chlorella and what you want to see improved.
  • Then list all your negative feelings, both physical and mental, that you know are not part of your balance. Take the time to do this, observe yourself in terms of complaints, aches and pains, changed feelings, bowel movements, sleep and energy and write down what you encounter.


Use a few words and keep it simple

After two weeks. Please check this list again and see what has changed. You can then think of an increase in your energy (give yourself points for this), a reduction in your intestinal complaints, the change in your bowel movements, your joint complaints, your headache, your resistance, blood pressure, breathing and much more. . Then ask yourself very simply whether you think you want to keep Taiwan Chlorella the same, increase it a bit or not. And act accordingly.

After two weeks, you put everything back together and repeat your question and action regarding the amount of Taiwan Chlorella. After two weeks again and maybe again after that. It seems very unscientific, but you can do a lot with your feelings. Much more because you are an individual with individual problems.

This way you will quickly see an improvement in your situation. Taiwan Chlorella is not a countermeasure against illness, but it does support your balance, cleanses your body and helps with your recovery. In this way, Taiwan Chlorella can help you in areas that are almost impossible to improve in any other way. Pure nature, but unique in strength.

In general, we can say that in addition to taking Taiwan Chlorella, you should also look at the underlying factors such as clean, whole food, a healthy lifestyle and a healthy emotional experience. You can't just mop without also turning off the tap.


What are your effects of Taiwan Chlorella?

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