Chronic fatigue or Burnout is becoming more and more common in all age categories. What do you need to know and how can you handle if you suffer from it. Here you can read which steps to take and what not to do.


How do you become chronically tired or how do you end up with a burnout?

The answer to this question is very simple; namely by systematically using more energy than you build up and replace. That puts you in a state of constant fatigue.

Is there a difference between chronic fatigue and burnout?

There is a difference between experiencing chronic fatigue and burnout. With chronic fatigue, you feel tired all the time. You can still do things, but the lust for action is missing. Other complaints are often present too, but the fatigue is the central feeling.

A Burnout is a deeper hole of fatigue and often overtakes you when it first occurs. Once in a burnout you notice that your level of energy is very clearly too low, if not at point zero. You've been going at a much too fast pace for too long and suddenly it's all gone. You are almost allergic to otherwise 'normal' stimuli. Such as sounds, light frequencies, crowds, many people together or your telephone and internet stimuli.


Active versus passive

The approach to both chronic fatigue and burnout is the same because ultimately the same thing is going on. Namely a clear shortage of passive energy.

Active energy is the energy that is mobilized the moment you start doing something; thinking, walking or working with your hands. Passive energy is your energy supply that has not yet been mobilized, but is ready to be used. In both burnout and chronic fatigue, your passive energy supply is too low or depleted. At a too low level of passive energy, active energy cannot be mobilized.

You need active energy, not only to be mentally and physically active, but also to attract, absorb and clean yourself for the intake healthy new passive energy. How much active energy you still can mobilize determines whether you experience chronic fatigue or a burnout.

What exactly is going on?

  • Your energy supply is too low or exhausted
  • So, there is also too little energy that can circulate to refresh and replenish yourself
  • Pollution of your system from your area between your cells and your blood slows things down and closes the vicious circle.


The solution: The 7 steps to get out of pit

  1. Having a rhythm. This is the most important thing. Make sure you have a rhythm in which you rest enough and do not go beyond your limits. A rhythm starts with day and night rhythm. What time do you go to bed and what time do you get up. Then you look at what times you eat. Then you classify your relative activity and rest moments. Put it on paper and include what and when you do something.
  2. Eat healthy; only fresh and whole grain products. Take mainly one-pan meals and soups, because they are easier to digest. Instead of leafy vegetables, smoothies and raw vegetables that often cost more energy than they produce. They have another function that we don't really need right now.
  3. Calmly move your energy with gentle walking or exercise, heat packs and massage
  4. Clean up with Taiwan Chlorella. As the only natural cleansing product. it costs no energy and is also the most thorough and fastest cleanser that can be found in nature.
  5. Take extra vitamins and minerals. You also use Taiwan Chlorella for this step, because not only is it absorbed naturally (resulting in no pollution and no loss of energy), secondly it contains everything you need to support your systems and rebuild your energy.
  6. Use additional warming herbs such as ginger, garlic, cinnamon, fennel, anise in your teas and foods
  7. Use energy-building herbs such as ginseng, maca, aloe vera, clarified butter, almonds and Taiwan Chlorella. Yes, Taiwan Chlorella also plays a role here because it contains all the essential amino acids that easily build your proteins without much energy cost.

Very important with all these steps

Draw your own plan. No one knows how you feel and how you react, not your company doctor, not your boss, not your coach, not your boyfriend or girlfriend and not your mother. Stay with yourself. This point is just as important as the first.


How do I prevent a relapse.

You climb out of that pit of fatigue by systematically working on it and not deviating from this rhythm. Listen to yourself. Key is that at the end of the day you have energy left over and a little more than you had at the start. If not, adjust your rhythm.

This is how you climb, adapt and climb further. Slowly you will feel a bit more active and you can also incorporate a little more activity into your rhythm.

Once you get the hang of it and see that you return to a normal life, this is immediately the prophylaxis, because you now also know exactly how to prevent it.

Taiwan Chlorella as a central supplement

Multivitamin pills, fish oil capsules, protein shakes and purification tablets. All things that people grab and unnaturally burden your body. You already saw in the various steps that Taiwan Chlorella is a very diverse natural supplement. It is truly unique in its effects of purification, vitamin and mineral supplementation, recovery and protein building. Not only for chronic fatigue, but for many diseases and complaints where you are out of balance, it is really the only essential superfood. It stands head and shoulders above all other supplements and superfoods.


We wish you the best of luck on your climb out of the weary hole and if at any time you need advice from us, please email us at:

Your health is at the heart of our work.

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