The danger of colon cleansing is often greatly underestimated. More and more people realize that in this time of stress and environmental pollution, the pollution in your body is also a fact. But to just put oxidizing agents in your body, anal or oral, without knowing what's going on in your body, that's asking for trouble.

How do we get polluted?

When people still lived in harmony with nature and there was no air, soil and food pollution, there was no need to cleanse ourselves. That is different now.

  • We undergo pollution from the outside; air, soil, radiation.
  • We pollute ourselves through a bad rhythm of life that leaves behind the self-cleaning of our body.
  • We pollute ourselves voluntarily, by taking drugs and artificial foods.
  • Secondary pollution is the pollution such as bacteria and fungal growth on the already existing polluted layer in our intestines. This becomes a rotting layer of slime that eventually closes the vicious circle.

This pollution puts enormous stress on your intestines, liver and kidneys. To force an unnatural purification of your body in this weakened situation entails risks. The only cleanse that is not forced is a cleanse of a natural food such as Taiwan Chlorella.

The only safe way to cleanse yourself

All natural foods such as vegetables, fruit, tubers and herbs do have purifying properties. One more than the other. But to clean up a contemporary intestinal contamination, something more has to be done. Barley grass, spirulina and chlorella are the strongest natural purifiers of your intestines and the only ones that can really break down the long-lasting tough mucus, slag and fold pollution.

Chlorella is number one

Of these three, chlorella is the only one that also clears heavy metals, the only one that provides total balanced support and the only one that does not drain energy from your body in its action. The latter is also very important in order not to create new problems

You obviously only take the pure undiluted pure chlorella.

You choose Taiwan Chlorella


Pay attention to your reactions

Build up your dose of Taiwan Chlorella slowly. Do this in 3 days steps (see blog your optimal dose of Taiwan Chlorella) and look at your stools and other symptoms. You can tell that your detoxification is underway by the following symptoms:

  • Firmer stools
  • Thinner stools
  • More flatulence (more farting)
  • Mild headache
  • Lighter sleep
  • Uncomfortable feeling in the abdomen
  • Changed tongue coating
  • Different odor and/or color urine
  • Your energy changes, sometimes more sometimes less and sometimes this goes up and down
  • Change of taste
  • Change in saliva volume in the mouth
  • Different feeling on the eyes, pressure or the loss of pressure, tears earlier

Usually it is only one of the phenomena that occurs, but sometimes there are more.

Only very strong and young people (who also become polluted) occasionally do not experience the cleaning. These can quickly go to the full dose

Customize the build up of your dose

Although all these changes show that Taiwan Chlorella works, we want to keep these effects as small as possible for two reasons

  1. They give discomfort
  2. We want to give the body time to continue to function normally in addition to the cleaning. This way we work best in collaboration with our body and we do not lose energy and do not get a disturbance of our rhythm

So if the discomfort becomes is too unpleasant, then you go down in dose for a while.

Bouw je dosis verder uit en geef het de tijd. Uiteindelijk kun je het zo ver uitbouwen tot de dubbele normale dosis, (see blog the therapeutic dose) and keep this for two weeks. This is not a must, because everyone is different. The most important thing is that you keep cleaning yourself systematically.

How do you know if your cleansing was successful

  • Clearer in your head
  • Better stools
  • Nicer feel of your stomach
  • better sleep
  • more relaxed eyes
  • Very light coating on the tongue (healthy tongue)
  • More or more clear energy

Of course, it's not just about your cleaning. You can't mop with the tap open. You just read what causes you to pollute. Address these causes as much as possible, when and where you can.





The 7 step plan

For optimal results, use the 6 other steps of the 7-step plan in addition to Taiwan Chlorella

  1. Taiwan Chlorella
  2. Breathing exercise
  3. Half an hour of mild sport.
  4. Quit refined foods
  5. Not too much thinking
  6. Eat and sleep on time
  7. persistence in healthy rhythm


Order your Taiwan Chlorella here  we wish you good luck

For instructions on how to build up your dose:

Blog: your optimal dose

Blog: the therapeutic dose

Do you have any further questions about intestinal cleansing or detoxification? Ask your question to our health experts via

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