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Chlorella is a very powerful nutritional supplement. However, only if you use a high-quality chlorella. Not every Chlorella is the same. Not only because there are several varieties, but also because there is a lot of cheating in the Chlorella world. Some companies are looking for a quick profit because chlorella is the health product of the future. If you are looking for a good Chlorella, only go for the best chlorella; high-quality chlorella. Pay attention to the following facts when buying chlorella:

Chlorella purifies your body like no other product; intestinal plaque, pesticide residue, heavy metal herbicides, medicine residue and many other things which you wouldn’t be able to get rid of  otherwise. Of course you want the Chlorella you use for this to be free from contamination itself.

A good manufacturer pays attention to this and does everything possible to guarantee the purity of his product. He also regularly has his product tested to assure this. If you buy a Chlorella, first check these test reports. If the seller does not have these test reports or he doesn’t give you access to them, you can start to question the claims that are made.

Look here for our test reports

This sounds more complicated than it is. Chlorella is a single cell microalga. Each cell is almost identical in structure to a human red blood cell. However, Chlorella’s cell wall is much thicker. It consists out of three layers. If you just swallow Chlorella without anything has been done with the cell wall, the Chlorella will pass, because of the strong cell wall, through your body undigested. In order to make the contents available to us the cell wall must be broken. The way in which this happens is crucial for the quality of the Chlorella. This has two reasons:
  1. Firstly, when you break the cell wall you do not want to damage the precious inside. This is namely the reason you take chlorella.
  2. Secondly, you want to break the cell wall, but at the same time you want to keep the molecular structure of the cell wall intact. If you don’t assure this then heavy metals and chemical compounds can no longer be bound by the cell wall and released from your body.

There are five methods known for breaking the cell wall:




In the 1970s this was the best method. In this method, small glass and ceramic balls grind the Chlorella cells. We know now that not only the cell wall breaks, but that much more is broken in this proces including the chloroplasts, the mitochondria and the cell nucleus. These items together form the so valuable CGF (chlorella growth factor). Also most of the cell wall is lost because it is pulverized too much; its function strongly deteriorates (removal of heavy metals).

Because everything is broken down, the valuable content is subject to oxidation and quickly lost. Finally, with this method there is always contamination of the Chlorella with glass pieces from the balls. So no longer the method of today.



Ultrasonication initiates a process called cavitation. Small bubbles are formed by the vibrations. These bubbles eventually explode, tearing the cell wall apart. It is a good method for the cell wall, but not for the parts of the cell because they also largely disintegrate with the explosion.


The freeze-thaw method works in a way of forming ice crystals in the interior of the cell; causing the cell to expand and break. The cell wall is broken during the defrosting stage and the content becomes accessible. However, here too the damage is not limited to the cell membrane. Also the contents such as the core, the mitochondria and the chloroplasts will break into pieces.


The ultra short wave method works on the basis of a type of microwave radiation. When you know how the microwave works, you know that popcorn not only pops (the cell wall), but that proteins also denature and lose their nurturing worth. The high temperature boils the inside of the cell and actually destroys just about everything that has value. This method is the cheapest, the fastest and is still the most widely used method despite the poor outcome. It is only used so that the seller can claim that the cell wall has been broken.



The pressure-release method is the most modern method. Chlorella goes from a low pressure vessel into a high pressure vessel and again back into a low pressure vessel. This happens under an enormous speed; within a millisecond. The cell pops open due to the pressure differences, but not in a way that it collapses. The cell membrane only ruptures. As a result, all nutrients of chlorella become available to us and the purifying effect remains optimal. Because the Chlorella is also not subject to oxidation, the yield for us is many times greater and the shelf life is much longer.


If you want to buy Chlorella, ask about the method by which the cell wall is broken. Only the fact that it is broken says nothing about the quality. Taking chlorella that no longer works due to the wrong breaking method is the same as not taking chlorella at all. Taiwan Chlorella Europe uses the pressure-release method.

N.B. Not of all chlorella types the cell wall has to be broken. Korean chlorella and German chlorella are known to be grown in greenhouses and tubes, so they are not exposed to natural sunlight and therefore the cells do not need a hardened cell wall. The unnatural growth, however, leads to a lower quality; for example, of the important chlorophyll content and of the cell wall (broken), which helps to clean up heavy metals.




We use 100% pure Chlorella for our product. Sounds great right? It is also true. In addition to using 100% Chlorella for our product, the content we sell is also 100% Chlorella. Do you see the difference? The percentage is often a confusing concept and too many sellers take advantage of this. Often advertisements claim 100% Chlorella. However, this 100% chlorella can be mixed with a filler, so that the 100% Chlorella only makes up 20% of the product’s content.


Another term often used is pure Chlorella. Now this may indicate that no additives like vitamins, minerals or conservatives are added to the chlorella. It doesn’t have to say anything about the purity of the product as being unpolluted. The only way to find out is to check the test reports again.


Misleading texts like this are used all too often. It is more about the fact that the seller stays within the law with his advertising than that he wants to inform his customer. ‘organic’, ‘biologic’, ‘natural’ These are all terms that are used without really being true. Organic Chlorella, for example, refers to a process that has to be followed and not to a true natural origin.

To know whether chlorella is of high quality, look at the test reports, the cultivation process and look how the quality control is carried out. It is a pity that nowadays you can only read sales texts with a cynical look. Taiwan Chlorella Europe tries to be as clear as possible in all areas so that you know what you are buying; a real quality product.



The effect of Chlorella is multiple:

  • it purifies your body of plaque and toxins;
  • it is a high-quality supplement for vitamins, minerals and essential amino acids;
  • it has a very strong recovery capacity during illness and rehabilitation.


At least, this can be the effect of chlorella. Just like every plant and animal, chlorella also needs certain nutrition and conditions to grow and develop. Light, temperature, oxygen, mineral-rich food and pure water are of great importance. Chlorella is grown by many manufacturers under artificial, easily controllable conditions. For example, to maximize the yield or to absolutely guarantee purity. With this, however, the balance that makes chlorella what it is gets lost. In the artificial ways you may breed a very pure, but at the same time a severely handicapped chlorella. The name chlorella refers to the high chlorophyll content. Something you can only obtain through natural photosynthesis and therefore under the sun. In nature, everything is in balance and everything needs its time. When we are going to speed up the time or forcing accents within the process, it goes wrong. It is nature that gives chlorella its beautiful power.
At Taiwan Chlorella we grow our chlorella in a beautiful natural environment.


Chlorella is a single-cell water plant. That’s how you should see it. In the dividing process one cell becomes two. Then four, eight and so on until there are millions that can form a pill or a powder for you. Now, no division is completely optimal and weaker cells are also formed during division. If you are using these for further growing, the final quality of your Chlorella will weaken.

At Taiwan chlorella, we first select the best cells to start a new culture. This is done in a laboratory under a microscope and it is a time-consuming job. But one that guarantees that we start with the best. During the growth process (division) we keep a close eye on whether degeneration (loss of quality) occurs somewhere. If so, these cells will also be removed. In this way we will get a stronger culture every time of optimal quality.

At Taiwan Chlorella the cultivation of a particular batch of Chlorella therefore takes three months and it requires many man-hours to keep everything perfect.


Quality control is vital to us.

A sample is taken from each harvested chlorella and mixed in saline. A culture is prepared from this to determine if any bacterial growth is present. Computer-controlled measurement processes are then used to determine the component profile of the chlorella. If a batch of chlorella does not meet the prescribed standards, it will be removed. After the chlorophyll content has been measured and approved using a color spectrophotometer, the chlorella is finally examined under a microscope to ensure that no impurities are present. Only then is the product packed for sale.

Thorough analysis determines the biochemical composition and the microbiological components of the powder. We believe that Chlorella must meet strict standards in order to be sold for human consumption. Our tablets do not contain fillers or binders and only when the chlorella is 100% pure and free from impurities you can press a tablet without binders and fillers. For the connoisseur, a pure tablet is recognizable by color and hardness.


Our quality control once again:

  1. bacterial research
  2. nutritional analysis
  3. color inspection
  4. volume control
  5. purity tests


A batch of Taiwan Chlorella that does not meet the standards of the above tests will never be marketed, not even as a sub-brand.

In addition to our own quality control, we also have our Chlorella regularly tested by an external independent institute. We do this to see if we continue to improve over the years and we do this to extensively review the total content of Chlorella microbiologically.



This is the quality mark that guarantees the quality of the Chlorella produced by Taiwan Chlorella manufacturing Company. By choosing Pure-Alga-Tech you are assured of top quality Chlorella. The experience of more than 55 years has resulted in the production of an ultimate natural health product.


When the price of a chlorella brand is very low, you can be certain that you are buying an inferior quality. The natural process takes time. Quality control takes time and many people are involved in this. Breaking the cell wall is a meticulous and expensive process. External control costs money and finally the continuous selection of the batches takes time and intensive attention.

Now of course you can ignore this; no selection, growth without control, massive cell wall breakage with pulverization of the precious contents, no purity control, a forced culture and last but not least, the biggest profit factor; mixing the chlorella with a filler.


So you see that not every Chlorella is the same. With the cheapest ways you can multiply your profit margin by fifty times. If we didn’t do anything about the quality, but everything to enhance the profit, we could earn 50 times more. So you see that the wrong behavior gets the greatest reward. This is so often the case when it comes to natural products.

Now you think that Chlorella is an unknown product, a niche, but nothing could be more far from the truth. Millions of kilos of Chlorella are being sold all over the world every year.

We have been growing Chlorella since 1964. And all that time we have been improving ourselves together with our Chlorella. So that’s 55 years of work on improvement. We are proud of our chlorella and we only want to sell the best.

When you drive a car, it doesn’t really matter if you drive a 20 year old Fiat or a brand new Mercedes. Both take you to the same spot and both offer you a roof and a heater.

If you are looking for a good Chlorella, make sure it is grown under the most natural and pure conditions. Be critical and don’t buy a chlorella that doesn’t do anything.

Taiwan Chlorella is grown in the most natural way in the purest environment.

Click here for our test reports



Chlorella is a valuable natural resource for your health. An indispensable supplement for everyone. Discover why Taiwan Chlorella is so special and experience the power of our chlorella.

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