Frequently Asked Questions

What does the name Chlorella mean?
The name Chlorella is from Latin and means 'little leafy green'. It refers to the unusually high content of chlorophyll, which gives chlorella its characteristic deep emerald green color.
What exactly is Chlorella?
Chlorella is a single-celled green freshwater algae. There are different types of Chlorella. In almost all species, the cells contain the rich nutrients needed for a healthy diet. Chlorella contains a unique series of components, such as the Chlorella Growth Factor (CGF) and all necessary substances such as all essential amino acids, saturated and unsaturated fatty acids, the most valuable vitamins, minerals and trace elements. The nutritional part of Chlorella is 60% protein, 20% carbohydrates, 11% fats and 9% other components such as water, fiber, minerals, etc. All these elements together form the ideal nutrition.
Can Chlorella cure cancer?
No, Chlorella cannot cure cancer, but it can contribute to cleaning the body and recovery. There are genotypic (predisposed) and phenotypic (acquired through lifestyle) causes for cancer. Taiwan Chlorella acts on the phenotypic part through clearing and recovery. However, there are of course many factors in your life, good and bad, that influence your cancer. Chlorella is a good one. That cancer is irreversible is a very old and outdated concept. From a certain stage, yes, but in the early stages the reversibility of processes has been researched and demonstrated for a long time. For research examples see link:  So you do what you can to make all influences as positive as possible.


What is Chlorella Sorokiniana, king of the Chlorellas?
There are generally ten different types of Chlorella. The best-known representative of these species is Chlorella Pyrenoidosa. Chlorella Sorokiniana is a branch of that. It is also known as the 'king of Chlorellas'. Of all the Chlorella species, Chlorella Pyrenoidosa (Sorokiniana) is the only species that contains a substantial amount of CGF.

Chlorella Sorokiniana is an emerald green unicellular freshwater microalga. These are now widely recognized as the most potent whole foods on Earth. Chlorella's microscopic structure, barely larger than a human blood cell, contains more essential nutrients than any other nutrient.

How does Chlorella Sorokiniana work?
Chlorella Sorokiniana:

  • Versterkt het immuunsysteem
  • Provides balanced nutrition for optimal health.
  • Absorbs and removes toxins and heavy metals
  • Oxidates waste 'plaque' and fungal growth in the intestines
  • Increases energy levels
  • Increases your endurance
  • Builds red blood cells
  • Promotes and supports healing.
What is the best Chlorella?
The best Chlorella is Chlorella grown under the most ideal conditions. Including lots of sunlight, pure air, pure water, responsible cell wall breaking and it is very important that a selection is made in which only the best strains are used for cultivation. You can grow a lot of chlorella in a very short time, but it is of a very poor quality. There is a lot of commotion about the quality of Chlorella and often there is little knowledge behind the questions and claims. Much Chlorella is of low, even harmful quality or has dilutions and additions. Heavy metal contamination, chemical contamination, virus contamination, dilution, mixing, and low quality of operation are common abuses. 100% chlorella in a sales phrase may mean that 100% chlorella has been used for a dilution to 10%. So misleading. The Chlorella grown in tubes (Korea and Germany) is very pure, but lacks the two most important qualities why you take Chlorella. Namely chlorophyll and the cell wall. The lack of sunlight ensures that these two are hardly present. Taiwan Chlorella only grows the best strains, under high control and the best conditions. Our final product is 100% pure chlorella for a 100% dose. So no additions. Are we the best? We think so and therefore provide complete openness and information. If you find a better Chlorella based on the test reports, chlorophyll content and quality control and you have previously purchased from us, we will give you your money back.


View our test reports

Is Taiwan Chlorella the Chlorella that Mike Adams tested best?
Mike Adems does not mention any brand and we do not refer to Him. This is the agreement because this is a non-scientific study. Look at our scientific test reports. (see report) There you can see that Taiwan Chlorella is of the best quality.
Do you also ship to Italy, Greece or Hungary?
We ship to all countries in tEurope. Because our central location in Europe is now in the Netherlands, Shipment costs are calculated from there. You can look at your order form how much your shipping costs will be.
How can Taiwan Chlorella's DNA and RNA repair our own DNA?
DNA is a protein and as such is simply broken down, right?

The repair of our DNA is not about the protein, but about the nucleid acid part of DNA and RNA. The nucleic acid portion of chlorella is 4%. This is the highest percentage of all plants. This specific piece ensures that essential amino acids are configured into new healthy DNA and RNA structures. This part prevents premature aging and degenerative processes.

How does chlorophyll cleanse the intestines?
Purifying the intestines means retaining the good and destroying or removing the bad. Not only fiber can cleanse the intestines. There are many purifying substances that have a stronger effect and chlorophyll is one of them. Chlorophyll binds to degenerative harmful substances. The resulting molecules can then be poorly absorbed and are thus excreted. The same applies to the broken cell wall of Taiwan Chlorella, which binds to heavy metals and is then excreted. the research can be found
How is it possible that cells can rejuvenate or even a cancer situation can improve through Chlorella?
There are genotypic (hereditary) and phenotypic (situation-dependent) causes for old age and cancer. Chlorella acts on the phenotypic part. That cancer is irreversible is a very old and outdated concept. From a certain stage, yes, but in the early stages the reversibility of processes has been researched and demonstrated for a long time. Chlorella purifies and therefore provides a purer nutrition for cells. More purity means more chance of a healthy environment and growth. Chlorella nourishes with essential ingredients that also normalize the situation. Finally, there is the DNA RNA content, the nucleic acid part of which can easily bind to amino acids and thus replace DNA and RNA structures in a healthy way. Wear and tear of our DNA (aging process) is slowed down and even reversed in this way.
What is the role of the cell wall?
The cell wall of a natural Chlorella is 3 layers thick. Without breaking it, the contents of Taiwan Chlorella cannot be used by your body. Breaking the cell wall is therefore essential.

The cell wall is made of proteins that bind heavy metals. The cell wall is not digested by the body, but excreted. In this way, heavy metals are also removed from your body. An artificial Chlorella without a thick cell wall does not remove heavy metals. Taiwan Chlorella does

How is the cell wall of Taiwan Chlorella broken?
The way the cell wall is broken is important. We no longer use the dyno mill, but our patented unique pressure release method to break the cell wall. This is the most modern and safest method to release the contents of the cell 100% undamaged.
Where is Taiwan Chlorella grown?
Taiwan Chlorella is grown in 2 places in Taiwan. In the north and in the south. Both areas are mountain areas with very pure air quality. This means that pollution from the air is negligible. See our test reports:
What is the difference between powder and tablets?
There is no difference in the effect of Chlorella between tablets or powder. The only difference is that the digestive route of tablets is a bit more natural compared to powder that is taken with water. Powder will then hardly affect the stomach for digestion. Chlorella contains quite a few proteins that require energy from the stomach for digestion. That's why powder can be better for people with an overloaded stomach. In all other cases, tablets are preferable, because protein digestion already starts in the stomach.
What is a therapeutic dose?
A therapeutic dose of Chlorella is a dose that is in most cases higher, but sometimes lower, than the normal maintenance dose. Normally the dose is higher in people who have acute or heavy intestinal contamination. For example, due to toxins, chemo or antibiotics. A lower dose may be indicated in people with very high sensitivity. It is up to the therapist who knows his/her patient to adjust the dose as needed.
How do I start taking?
You will see the standard dose with the product. We recommend building up a maintenance dose or therapeutic dose slowly in 4 steps; Start with ¼ dose for 3 days. This is 3 tablets (750mg) per day for an adult woman and 4 tablets (1 gram) per day for an adult man. When this feels good, go to ½ dose. Weather for 3 days. Then ¾ dose, again for 3 days and finally if it all feels good you move on to the normal recommended dose.

During your build-up, make sure that you do not experience any reactions such as constipation, diarrhea or headache. These are not side effects, but signs that Taiwan Chlorella is having too much effect. You then take your dose back a step. Until these effects disappear. You then keep this reduced dose for a week and then increase it again


Can you also take too much chorella?
In principle you cannot overdose on chlorella because it is purely natural. Just like you can't overdose on vegetables. You can react to it as you can react to any natural food. When you are not in balance it sometimes feels negative. That's why we say: build it up slowly. A maximum dose is stated on the packaging. The text for this is regulated by law.
Are there known negative reactions?
Stomach weakness: Because it contains many amino acids (protein components), Chlorella can sometimes be too heavy for people with a weak stomach. They may develop reflux (heartburn) as a reaction. Lowering the dose for a while usually brings things back into balance. In some cases they are better off with powder because it passes through the stomach immediately when taken with water and therefore does not cause a stomach reaction.

Constipation: In some cases, constipation occurs when you first start taking Chlorella for a short period of time. In this case we recommend reducing the dose until this passes. This has to do with the purification, which then works sooner than the restoration of peristalsis. Over time this will balance out.

Wheezing or flatulence: Flatulence in the beginning is very normal. When waste products are burned in your intestines, gases are released that come out as a fart.

Due to the purifying effect, you can have all kinds of minor side effects that indicate the good effect. But like medicines, there are no real 'side effects' and it generally works very mildly.

Should I take other supplements besides chlorella?
Chlorella is very complete. If you have certain complaints or a condition, it depends on whether you want to use something else. However, as with any therapeutic effect, you must be careful about taking a mix of substances together because you do not know what works on what. Chorella clearly works and will ultimately deliver the result you intend; strengthening, recovery and purification. Not necessarily in that order.
Does Taiwan Chlorella contain iodine?
Taiwan Chlorella is a freshwater algae and therefore does not contain iodine. See our for this test reports.
When do you take CGF and why is it so expensive?
Taiwan Chlorella CGF is the remedy if you want to put an extra accent on your recovery. You often take this in addition to regular Taiwan Chlorella. CFG is so expensive because it only contains the core material of the chlorella cell. This nucleus is 25 smaller than the cell. Which means it takes a lot of Chlorella to produce this product.
How do I determine my maintenance dose?
The maintenance dose of 16 tablets for a man as stated on the website applies to the average man of 185 cm and weighing 80 kilos. The maintenance dose of 12 tablets for a woman as stated on the website applies to the average woman of 170 cm tall and weighing 60 kilos.

If you are lighter or heavier, the dose will decrease or increase in percentage

What is the best way to measure the powder? How do I know how many grams I take?
A level teaspoon is just over 1 gram. You have to play with your feelings a bit, of course, because not every teaspoon is the same size. But it is also about your experience of what the Chlorella does to you. The measure of 1 teaspoon for 1 gram is a good start
Should I stop taking Chlorella occasionally?
The answer is simple, no you never have to stop taking Chlorella, just like you don't have to stop eating other foods. There is no habituation and no protein accumulation. Somewhere on the internet there are people with no knowledge of human physiology and no knowledge of Chlorella. taking things together and drawing incorrect conclusions from them.

Habituation to a product only occurs when there is a negative feedback loop in the body, such as with hormonal products, or when neurological sedation or activation occurs, such as with coffee, nicotine and various medications. Chlorella is a food product that is normally digested, nourishes, cleanses and repairs.

Protein accumulation is an incidental process to disease. such as Alzheimer's, bone marrow cancer and type 2 diabetes. It is called amyloidosis and is caused by a disruption between the build-up and breakdown of proteins in your body. It's not something you can get from eating too much protein. The content of Chlorella does not consist of proteins, but of amino acids; the building blocks of proteins.

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