The Therapeutic Dose.
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A therapeutic dose is a dose at which you use extra Taiwan Chlorella in case of a condition and / or contamination of your system. In fact, a therapeutic dose can also be an adjusted dose that is lower than the normal maintenance dose, but this you will already come across in your normal dose build-up.
Here we are going to talk about an extra high dose for a certain time to enhance certain effects.
How do you use a therapeutic dose?
A therapeutic dose consists of a double maintenance dose for a period of 14 days.
You build up the dose like you build up a normal maintenance dose; step by step starting at 1/6 of your dose, then 2/6, 3/6 and so on. Until you get to your complete double dose. From that moment on you keep it for 14 days. Then you go to your normal maintenance dose. Thus half the therapeutic dose. You do this in one step.

When do you use a therapeutic dose?
Firstly you use the therapeutic dose to make extra use of the purifying power of Taiwan Chlorella. A second reason is that you use it for extra healing. The third reason is that you want to use extra nutritional components such as amino acids, vitamins and minerals. You can of course also have a motivation where several of the reasons above apply at the same time. In practice it means that you use the therapeutic dose of Taiwan Chlorella in the following situations:
After an accident; after spraining a joint, a fracture, or more serious injury, your body is weakened, but it still must initiate the healing process. With a therapeutic dose you give your body extra energy, extra cleansing power needed for getting rid of the damaged tissue and you give it extra healing elements.
After an operation; any surgery, however minor, involves anesthesia and damage to the tissue involved. Here, too, extra force is needed to repair and clean up the internal and external wound, but the chemical residues of the anesthesia are also cleared up with a therapeutic dose.
After a serious illness; It goes without saying that after a serious illness you need all three aspects of Taiwan Chlorella. During a serious illness, stick to the normal dose for guidance, because the tap is still open, as it were, and you do not start mopping extra before the illness is over.
After taking medication; Medication use, such as a course of antibiotics or another course, leaves pollution behind in your body. Especially antibiotics because it also kills all supportive bacteria cultures in your gut. A true battlefield with rotting processes and fungal growth is the result. If you do not clear this up as quickly as possible, further consequences are in the offing.

After chemotherapy; this should be clear, because the pollution and damage and exhaustion that Chemo causes is unprecedented. You can also continue to use Taiwan Chlorella during chemo. You don’t have to worry about the antioxidant effect, Taiwan Chlorella doesn’t make the chemo less effective.

With chronic medication use; a systematic pollution of your system is your greatest motivation here. By using Taiwan Chlorella extra you ensure that your system gets a more intense cleaning.

Other reasons; of course there are many more situations where you use a therapeutic dose. Situations that are somehow similar to the above.

In these ways you can use Taiwan Chlorella extra when you need it. We would like to add that these directions should not be used with another chlorella species just like that. Only real pure and natural chlorella is suitable for this.

So much for the therapeutic dose. if you have any questions, please let us know.

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