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First this!

Let’s start by giving an extra comment before answering this question. There is pollution of your home, pollution of nature too, but when it comes to pollution of your body, Western medical science does not look at that. This is because their focus is mainly on illness and what is directly associated with it at that time. Much less attention is paid to the deeper causes and the common denominator behind a condition.

What are gluten anyway?

Now to gluten. Gluten is a protein found in wheat, rye, barley or spelt. Because the products with gluten are processed in other flour products and used as a binding agent, we find gluten in a whole range of products. So it is a grain protein. Contrary to what popular food guru’s claim, grains are one of the most essential foods for humans. Just look in history and at the diets in the world where bread, pasta and rice play a central role. Thousands of years of experience don’t just exist for that long.


Why are gluten seen as bad for you?

Still, there are some questions about gluten. If it is part of our normal diet then why is there so much gluten intolerance and so much gluten allergy? This is because of the pollution of the large and small intestines. Gluten must be digested by a clean intestine. When there is mold and intestinal infections in the intestines, the gluten can be digested worse and you get an immune response to this.

For healthy people, gluten is simply healthy and makes an important contribution to a healthy life. For people with weak intestines, fungal infections or intestinal infections who do not respond well to gluten, it is important that they reduce or stop taking gluten for a while.


How do you make your intestines strong again?

It is important for them that they make their intestines healthy again .

First of all, the cause of intestinal pollution must be tackled:

  • Less pollution
    • No white sugars, white flour and white rice products
    • Less medication
    • Pure nature instead of chemical food with all kinds of preservatives and other substances
    • Do not use the microwave anymore
  • Less worry or/and less analytical thinking
  • Less computer and telephone work
  • More exercise
  • more sun and fresh air

purify your intestines with Taiwan Chlorella

In addition, it is important to purify the digestive system: your small intestine, your large intestine, your liver and kidneys in particular. If you don’t want to do this chemically (which is of course a strange idea, when you know that chemical products will put further strain on your body) then you use the strongest balanced purifier that nature has to offer; Taiwan chlorella.

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