What is your optimal dose of Taiwan Chlorella?

A good effect of Taiwan Chlorella that suits you starts with taking the right dose. It is better not to just take a strong pure Chlorella like Taiwan Chlorella. Before I start telling you how best to dose, I will first give some introductory information:


Taiwan Chlorella works on three fronts at the same time


  1. It cleanses your body of toxins, chemicals, heavy metals and other pollutants,
  2. It replenishes your building blocks with energy, proteins, vitamins, minerals,
  3. It works on your recovery from chronic or acute damage to your cells.


Now all three work at the same time, but which of the three works most prominently for you depends on the state of your body. Every body is different. Sometimes the body’s primary need is to purify. Sometimes your body wants new energy first and sometimes it has to be repaired first. As with any other aspect of nature, your body also has its priorities.


When we look at the nourishing and repairing part of Taiwan Chlorella (vitamins, minerals, amino acids, DNA and RNA), you can say that Taiwan Chlorella cannot be overdosed. Taiwan Chlorella is pure nature. In this way it is also converted in a natural way, by enzyme processes. This is very important because unlike the unnatural vitamin pills and chemical drugs that are forced on the body, the body takes what it needs of Taiwan Chlorella.



Due to the purifying effect, layers of dirt are broken down. This brings impurities into the blood before they are excreted and this triggers heat and cold reactions in the intestines. This can cause complaints such as constipation, diarrhea and headaches. When the complaints are mild, this is not a problem, but you do not want constipation to stop your bowel movements, for example. In the end, that does not benefit your purification. Headaches must be bearable and diarrhea can make the absorption of healthy nutrients too low.

So you have to provide a dose adapted to you in such a way that you get the most optimal energy, build-up, repair in addition to the most adequate purification.


Let’s compare the body with its cells to a city and its houses. You can get the garbage from all the houses in a city, but it will also take a sufficient number of garbage men to dispose of it. Conversely, you can renovate these houses, but if it is not clean on the inside, you cannot build on it. Repair, new business and cleaning; everything has its time and its intensity. Your body also knows its own needs.


By using a dose too high too quickly, you can force a purge that your body is too weak for. But you should not use too low a dose either, because then you are not working sufficiently with Taiwan Chlorella.



How do you handle your dose?

First of all, you need to know what a standard dose is. The standard dose is the dose at which you always get enough vitamins, minerals and other energy and nutrients, related to your size and weight. It is not based on cleaning your liver and intestines. You therefore build up the dose, so that you also take this aspect into account. The standard dose is then the dose you are focusing on and building towards.


Below is the standard dose schedule for tablets / powder:


  • Children up to 6 years: 2-6 tablets / 0.5-1.25 g per day.
  • Children from 7 years: 6-10 tablets / 1.25-2.5 g per day.
  • Adult woman: 12 tablets / 3 g per day.
  • Adult male: 16 tablets / 4 g per day


Start building up

We recommend to slowly build up a maintenance dose in 4 steps; Start with ¼ dose for 3 days. This is 3 tablets (0.75 g) for an adult woman and 4 tablets (1 gram) per day for an adult man. When this feels good go to ½ dose. Weather for 3 days. Then ¾ dose, again for 3 days and finally when all that feels good you go to the normal recommended dose.

During your build-up you make sure that you do not get any reactions such as constipation, diarrhea or headaches. These are not side effects, but signs that there is too much effect of Taiwan Chlorella. You then take your dose a step back. Until these effects disappear. You then keep this reduced dose for a week and then build up again.


This way you see that you eventually reach the dose that suits you. This is not always a standard dose, because purification processes or recovery processes take precedence and cause reactions. If you have reactions and cannot continue to build up after a week, then that is your dose for the first time. Over time you may be able to build up again.

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