You need sugar

You need sugar; namely for your energy buildup. Only not the sugar you think of when you hear the word sugar; the white refined sugar. Although refined, this artificial sugar does not handle your body in a sophisticated way. It gives your body an energy boost; a peak followed by an energy dip. It’s kind of a seesaw effect. You shoot up and then fall back down. This creates a stress situation for the pancreas in particular and costs more energy than it produces. This increases your need for sweet sugars again. And so, it becomes vicious; ever faster spinning circle.

It’s actually even worse.

But this worsening situation is even more unhealthy and maintained by other additional factors.
A tired, stressed, pancreas (the result of fast sugars) means incomplete and poor digestion. And that digestion is just so important for your energy needs. Physical stress, such as poor sleep, too little rest and always in active mode; being on guard, also causes poor digestion. Then you have the worries, too much thinking and too much emotions. These also have the same negative effect.

The consequences of poor digestion.

Poor digestion causes pollution of your system and a lower intake of your healthy, much-needed energy. The ever-decreasing intake of healthy energy from your digestive track increases the need for fat and fast sugars. So, we have a vicious circle with a double layer and it is sometimes very difficult to get out of it.

What can you do?

Your digestion and your energy therefore need to be in balance in itself and adjusted to each other. Hence there are many steps you can take to improve this:

  1. Leave white refined sugar and all sweets and soft drinks as much as possible. Replace these white sugar products with products containing sugars (carbohydrates) from grains. These are the sugars that are brought into the blood evenly through digestion and thus ensure a stable sugar supply. So, eat a sandwich, a cereal biscuit instead, when you have that sweet appetite.
  2. Ensure a stable rhythm of rest and activity. Your mental as well as your physical activity must also function in balance. This is the basis for a stable rhythm of demand, absorption and processing of energy (read stable sugars / carbohydrates). Eating on time and taking the time for eating is also very important.
  3. Eat enough, but not too much. Eat until you feel your needs have been met. Not until your plate is empty or until you feel full. Even though your mother taught you to finish your plate. First you need to know where your real need for food lies.
  4. Make sure you get enough sleep. This is also part of that previous rhythm. Let your organs be active and rest in time. In this way they can do their intake, repair and construction work.
    Purify your intestines with Taiwan Chlorella so that your natural absorption is supported and possible again. Good purification is certainly part of the total package for improvement, because you cannot build a healthy rhythm on a dirty surface.
  5. Slowly get used to the taste of less sweet. When you eat less refined sugar for a while and your digestive system becomes more balanced, you will even start to experience the artificial sugar taste as not good. That says enough about the real need for this.
  6. Drink on time and as much as needed, because a filling with water also ensures better digestion and energy absorption. Make sure you always have a drink at hand. Don’t stick to 2 liter a day rule, but look at your own personal need
  7. If you have a real strong consisted craving for sweet, take stevia drops on the tongue as an alternative. Stevia is very sweet, but is not a sugar sweet, but a licorice sweet. This herb balances and supports digestion.
  8. Lower your emotional stress. Do this by making the right choices. By distancing yourself from things and people that don’t belong to you. And do this without entering victim modus. Stand for yourself and then stand firm.


You can see in the story above that it is never a simple easy approach. Those who come up with a pill, powder or other remedy that will solve it for you in like a day, have no understanding of the human body or only want to earn easily and quickly money from you. When your sugar needs are out of balance, you need to ask yourself on what part you are mainly going wrong and start changing that part. Being pure in your body and in your rhythm always play a major role in this and form the basis for your balance.

Would you like personal advice for your purification with Taiwan Chlorella? Then send us a message via email.

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