Healthy weight loss? Chlorella helps to prevent the yo-yo effect.


Looking for your balance with chlorella

Losing weight is difficult, especially as we age. The yo-yo effects of different diets are very famous. So instead of yet another impulse action, we will have to find an answer in a different direction. Namely the direction in which we return to a healthy balance. The balance in which we restore the balance between energy consumption and energy intake. Also the balance in which we provide our body with clean energy.

Chlorella helps with weight loss, according to a scientific study

Now it appears that chlorella is a panacea in this area. In a study published in the Journal of Medicinal Food, researchers found that “chlorella intake noticeably reduces body fat percentage, total blood cholesterol and stabilization of glucose levels.” In other words, you benefit from chlorella on a total physical level. So it is not just a pill for extra vitamins. Chlorella does a lot when it comes to weight loss;

  1. It aids in the regulation of the hormone system. Very important for our digestion
  2. It directly aids in the digestion and absorption of substances.
  3. It improves the blood circulation.
  4. It increases our energy levels.
  5. It aids in the burning of energy from fat
  6. It removes stored toxins.

Why Does Chlorella Help With Weight Loss?

Overall, we see two big reasons why chlorella is so helpful regarding weight loss.

Chlorella Provides Healthy Digestion

The first big reason why chlorella is so helpful in weight loss is that it helps us regulate our entire body; it helps you to return to a normal energy transformation adjusted specifically to your energy intake. This gives you a normal nutritional requirement and a normal intake that balances your glucose and fat requirements.

Clean up toxins

The second reason chlorella is so helpful in weight loss is that it clears the toxins from our body. First of all, this means a better and more healthy absorption by the intestines. It also means that the toxins that are extra released during weight loss are eliminated. Toxins attract water as a buffer and they cover the intestinal folds. This is one reason why people cannot maintain a weight that is achieved with only a calorie based diet. Because with a diet like that the toxins relatively increase and therefor lead to that well-known yo-yo effect.

Healthy food; most important of all.

In addition to all this, we must of course not forget that a healthy diet of whole food in a healthy rhythm is even more important than the intake of chlorella. However, for anyone who carries a pollution (and who is free of that today?) and for anyone who wants to break the circle of weight loss, chlorella is the perfect friend who helps you in the right direction on many fronts.

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