Good sleep is important.

Good sleep gives you the opportunity to work during the day and do fun things. That’s because while you sleep, your body recovers from your daytime use. It is also cleaned and your energy supplies are replenished. Everything ready for a new day, full of activity.

Bad night’s sleep

That’s how it should be. This is how nature intended it for us. But for the majority of people over the age of 25, this is insufficient. A large proportion of those people can actually indicate that they sleep poorly; restless sleep, being awake a lot, lying uncomfortable, chaotic dreams and not getting up cheerful and rested. All signs of an insufficient night’s sleep. But even among the people who think they get a full night’s sleep, there are many who don’t get a deep enough rest for the nighttime repair and replenishment work.


As long as the line doesn’t break you’ll be fine.

This has various causes and, how could it be otherwise, these causes can all be found in our Western lifestyle, which often disrupts many healthy rhythms. Causes that we ignore, because as long as it goes the way it goes, it goes well, we assume. As long as nothing really breaks, we will continue to pull that line. Until it breaks and then we are actually too late.

What should we pay attention to again?

These causes for insufficient deep and healthy sleep are simple.
1. Too much head work like thinking, worrying and computer activities. This keeps our breathing high, causing insufficient circulation. Insufficient bowel function, purification and digestion.

  1. Too many activating substances instead of constructive substances in our diet, such as sugars, coffee, tea and alcohol. These also keep the activity of the head going and cause more pollution and insufficient cleaning and construction.
  2. Too few real moments of rest during the day. If you take a real break every now and then during the day, you sleep better. Sounds strange, but even in an active day you need moments of rest, which ensure that your rhythm remains healthy and that everything continues to run as it should. Without tension build-up and without accumulation of pollution. Today, everyone is always doing something, such as checking the latest social media posts.
  3. Too little physical activity. Moving your body causes everything to move in your body. Not only your muscles. joints and blood, but also the intestines, your liver, your kidneys and your heart-lung function. Too little exercise therefore also leads to insufficient purification and the accumulation of substances. Compare it with a river that is being blocked. The pure aspect disappears and a mud pool is created.

A healthy day, therefore, ensures a healthy sleep. That’s the main rule. People immediately start looking for a better mattress or a different pillow and although that is good for commerce, it is fiddling with a bucket that is already too full.


A clean gut brings a clean sleep.

In addition to regulating your rhythm, your activities and your diet, you can do an extra effort in the field of purification. Namely the purification of your internal environment through the intestines, liver and kidneys with Taiwan Chlorella. As we always point out, there is no better natural cleaner than pure Chlorella. It purifies you from all chemical pollution. It removes heavy metals and clears out all the decay and fungi that arise from the accumulation of undigested food and poor nutrition. Have you ever made the link between clean intestines and a nice deep sleep. Probably not, but if you think about it like that, it is very logical that real peace comes with a neat and clean feeling.

Conversely, a healthy sleep provides a good purification of your system and this is how we reverse the negative spiral and break the ever-decreasing circle.

Good night

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