Make sure you have a healthy pregnancy


Take a moment to consider what is really healthy

It cannot be disputed that “healthy” is a subjective experience, but we noticed that “healthy” is still a very flexible concept, even during pregnancy. Although smoking and alcohol are generally taboo during pregnancy, painkillers, stomach medications and antibiotics are taken without thinking. This is still so common that people forget that these are real toxic substances. Artificial vitamins and supplements are also considered to be harmless. That they can cause liver problems, kidney stones and stenosis of the cell wall, there is no attention at all. If you were not already polluted by your refined food, flavorings, emulsifiers, particulate matter and exhaust gases, you can take these things one step further. Be careful with these things. Especially when you are pregnant.

Make sure you get clean and stay clean inside.

Maybe you never thought about it much, but remember that your baby in his/her growth, benefits greatly from how you behave and act now:

  1. Do not indiscriminately eat the things that are seen as normal.
  2. Eat fresh fruit and vegetables from the season where you live.
  3. Only take free-range meat that does not contain antibiotics and growth hormones.
  4. Prefer organically farmed fish that does not contain heavy metals.
  5. Use Taiwan Chlorella, a pure natural safe agent, for total purification of your intestines, liver and kidneys (in fact your entire system)
  6. Taiwan Chlorella is also the product with all the extra nutrition you need as a pregnant woman. All necessary essential amino acids, vitamins and minerals.
  7. Do not sit too much, but move and rest with variety and as needed.
  8. Use breathing exercises; Belly breathing and puff breathing, not only in preparation for your delivery, but now also to bring your energy to your belly, to purify and activate it.

Take care of yourself

Make sure you feel good. In that way you take good care of yourself and your baby. If you have any questions, do not hesitate and mail to because after all you are the one who is laying the foundation for a new life.


Keep thinking and stay aware during your pregnancy.

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