Colon cleansing, detox, you can read a lot about it and there is a lot of nonsense amongst it. What is true and more importantly; What is the value for you? I’ll give you in short the highlights and then the 7 steps that you need to do to adequately clean your bowels.

Medical opinion
Despite posts by individual medical professionals, it is proved that colon cleansing really is a necessity. It turns out that the intestines, kidneys and liverare inadequate to remove certain types of poison completely.

Fungi and bacteria
Fungi like to grow on the pollution inside the intestines. It is not only the first pollution you have to worry about. What’s worse, is the fungus and bacterial growth that is accompanied by this pollution. This secundairy pollution is often very persistent and very difficult to remove. This second layer damages the pure intake of nutrition, and your immune system.

All colon cleansing methods and without exception all detoxification brings risks. How innocent they may seem. Studies of these methods have shown that. If it goes well, then it goes well.  But if things go wrong, then they can go wrong in a terrible way.  You can look it up on the internet what kind of risks belong to which methods.

Keep thinking for yourself
You are not your neighbor. If your neighbor does something that she feels, she needs to be doing. Don’t follow her blindly. When it comes to your health you have to keep thinking for yourself.


How can you adequately and safe purify your intestines? The 7 steps

Step 1: Breathing exercise

Get plenty of fresh air and do every day in the fresh air 10 minutes the following breathing exercise; Breath with an abdominal breathing for 10 seconds. Keeps this breath in for 10 seconds. Than breathe out. Repeat! You can do this exercise while standing, but also be easily while walking.


Step 2: Half an hour mild sports

Make sure that you get plenty of exercise. At least 30 minutes a day like cycling, running or sports. Moving your body In your  home or Office doesn’t count because this is merely a use of your body and not maintenance and building.

Step 3: Taiwan Chlorella

Take a healthy and pure Chlorella, like Taiwan Chlorella. Chlorellais taken in and processed in a natural way. The powerful workings are therefore not accompanied by any risks. It is as if it were a super green vegetable with many additional features. The purification of liver and intestines is one of the key effects of Chlorella.

Step 4: Refined nutrition

Do not take white sugars, white flour products, white salt and prepackaged foods during your treatment period. Of course it is best not to take them ever again.

Step: 5 too much thinking

Take the time to get in your rhythm, and to listen what you need. If you use your energy for your excessive thinking then you cannot use it to purify yourself.

Step 6: On time eating and sleeping

Take a regular time to eat and sleep.  The rhythm of the organs is very important. Organs work one after another to purify and they need time to do that. Also this is one of the conditions you will not find back in any cleansing method, but of great importance.

Step 7: Do all these things for longer period of time

If you use a little common sense then you know that purifying your intestines cannot be done  with some juices or a pill over short period of time. Rhythm is central to this together with your persistence in this rhythm. Go about it fully for longer period of time. Only then you will have success.

Good luck

The Taiwan Chlorella Team[/et_pb_text][/et_pb_column]

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