Cold and flu: how to avoid them

Do you often catch a cold or have the flu? Many people do not realize, they are sniffling on a regularly bases. Our busy days, our warm homes and our bad food habits are the reason that our immune system  is not always in excellent shape. Swallowing some extra vitamin C is not the answer to get a healthier immune system. Yet this is the key to avoid catching a cold or getting the flu. So what is?

How to easily improve your immune system.

Our immune system consists of a small army of cells which comes to action when something enters the body that does not belong there. Like a virus, for example. That army lives in our blood and in our mucous membranes. This mucosa is on the inner walls of the nose and lungs and on the inner walls of our intestines. This mucous membrane is built up in the intestines, and herein lies the first line of defense against intruders. The first defense we call our immune response.


A adequate immune response means that you make sure, your army is strong, ready and healthy. Of course it is the virus as an end result that makes you catching a cold or will give you the flu, but the real underlying cause is of the state of your immune system. When your mucosa are clean, strong, agile (warm) and are not polluted, the situation for your military defense is perfect and you can respond strongly and rapidly to any virus attack. They will not get a chance to settle and grow.



How do I ensure that my immune system is in an optimal state?

Keeping your immune system on alert

When you go out enough, into the fresh air, there are sufficient alternations in temperature for your body to experience. The result is a state of readiness of your immune army to respond to a viral threat. Like all armies, you must train this army being alert, so it can respond immediately when needed.

Cold nose, cold stomach

When you are too cold and cannot handle the existing cold around you, then also your mucous membranes will cool off. A cold nose or a cold belly is a good indicator of this. Cold of the mucous membranes of the nose, lungs, and the intestines will cause your army to respond too slowly when there is a virus attack. Your army needs a certain warm to respond well, but the virus is doing just great in a cold environment. Always make sure your body stays nice and warm. You can assure this by  taking is warming food, with extra-fitting cloths and by applying warmth with a hot pack, a heat lamp or by drinking ginger tea.

Let your blood flow.

Your circulation of blood can be compared to a road including its transport. If this road or transport gets impaired there will be insufficient food and supplies for your army. Also your army can not move fast enough and chaos (waste) from the defensive actions cannot be cleaned adequately. Therefore, you must ensure you keep a healthy circulation of your blood. First of all you can do this by moving more, with larger joints and on a more regularly bases.  Secondly you have to ensure that the content of your blood is powerful enough. After an illness, a chronic cold or poor diet it is possible that you don’t have enough power in your blood. This is due to poor maintenance; poor disposal of waste and poor supply. When the blood is too weak, the mucous membranes become polluted and vice versa.   A intestinal cleanse with chlorella may therefore be crucial here.

Clean intestines

Keep your intestines clean at all times. A poor diet and a lack of bowel movement are the way to get the opposite. In this time of sitting all day and eating poorly refined food, the gut will pollute rather quickly. Also, thinking or worrying will attribute to this, because the energy goes to the brain instead of the intestines. A contamination of the intestines will ly drop your defense mechanisms of your immune system.

What you need to do for a healthy immune system in steps:

  1. Get outside enough and don’t pamper your body with too much artificial heat (radiators). Make sure you don’t get cold when you do, so dress right. When you are going out, be active; walk or work the garden or do something else. Spending 1 hour per day outside seems difficult to achieve, especially in winter times, but it is really not too much.
  2. Make sure you never lose your warmth by cooling of too much. Therefore dress well and protect especially your feet, hands, back and head. A tight fit of your clothes around the holes of arms, neck, belly and feet ensure that the warmth can stay in.
  3. Make sure you give yourself extra warmth to expel the spots of cold in your body. To achive this you drink 3x daily a cup of ginger tea and warm your belly with a hot pack for 20 minutes. Preferably several times per day.
  4. Make sure you don’t eat cooling foods. Cooling food is food that will bring your core temperature down. Cooling food in particular are yogurt, raw vegetables, tropical fruit and tropical fruit drinks.
  5. Use your body more in a day by walking more, taking the stairs or doing exercises. Your body contains all kinds of joints and muscles. These are there to move. Your circulation will improve by moving, but movement will also have a massaging and stimulating effect on the functioning of the organs. Try to physically do something on a regularly bases for at least one hour per day. Think of walking, bicycling, yoga, a game of football or a nice swim. If you overdo this and exhaust your body, you will lose your energy instead of building it.
  6. Cleanse your colon with Chlorella. Even if you eat super healthy food for many years; Pollution will be there for we live in a polluted society. No product, natural or chemically can cleanse your bowels as good and thorough as chlorella. Therefore, take 3 times a day Taiwan Chlorella, 3 grams for women and 4 grams for men is the recommended amount. Taiwan Chlorella also supports the cell structure, the build-up of red blood cells and haves additional nutritional value that ensures the adequate build-up of blood. Thus, not only it purifies the intestines and liver, but it also enhances the blood circulation.
  7. Control your thinking by writing things down, by acting and making decisions. Finally let the things go, you cannot control, because they belong to somebody else.

Work systematically and in a healthy rhythm then you will see that your immune health  will improve by the week. Slowly you’ll start feeling more and more at home in a once hostile environment.


What are the ambiguities about Chlorella

We would advertise all Chlorella varieties if it weren’t for the fact that there is a lot of difference in quality these days. Terms such as “natural”, “organic” and “pure” are often empty statements that are used inappropriately. Contamination, thinners, fillers and binders unfortunately occur in most Chlorella products. Even reputable companies participate in this. Not the quality, but the money rules. Claims cannot and cannot be substantiated with test reports and research data. Think, search and read. Stay critical with everything you buy. Certainly when it comes to something that should improve your health.

There is Chlorella that is not grown outdoors, but in tubes. Despite the high degree of purity, this Chlorella first of all lacks the much-needed cell wall. In addition, there is the lack of the power of the sun, which is so essential for the formation of chlorophyll. We like fair competition and not deception. There is already enough in the world.

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Feel pure with Taiwan Chlorella

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