What is chronical loose stools?

Not only the recognizable watery stools, but also to the loose stools that persists for a too long period of time, we consider as chronical diarrhea. Let us have a look at first what a normal stools is. A normal stools is a cigar shape turd with a shiny layer of mucus, once a day. Many people think that there stools is normal, even when it is too hard or too loose, because they have it already for a very long period of time.  Sometimes even from childhood. Also in terms of stools frequency, many people divert from a normal frequency for years. Of course there are individual differences, but the truth is, that many people have a gradation of chronical constipation or chronical diarrhea for years without recognizing it. When you’re young you are still flexible and this is often  enough to live without further symptoms, but as you grow older complaints will start to appear. Complaints which are hardly ever linked to the quality of the intestines. In Chinese medicine, people are very aware of the central role that the intestines play. As a matter effect, the intestines are the beginning and end of your physical life. Here the choice is being made which compounds or  building materials will make part of your physical life and which not. In Chinese medicine there are movements that treat all disease with the intestines as core element.

Diarrhea is for 95% due to cold

In 95% of cases is diarrhea a situation of cold in the intestines. Even though you don’t feel cold, the intestines are.  And therefore no longer function optimally. With cold the internal mucous lining that lies against the folds of the inner intestine is too thin and too watery. Just think of your running nose when you have a cold. Because it is too thin, the nutrients cannot be hold in it as good as it should be. As a result, enzymes and bacteria have a shorter time to convert these. Secondly the total amount of nutrients is less. The result is a reduced intake of nutrients and energy through the intestines or an incomplete and bad digestion.

fatigue, poor resistance, decreased appetite, distension in the abdomen, headache are a few of the first symptoms.

Because this goes together with a reduced oxidation (= heating) a vicious cycle is been formed. The reduction of warmth in the intestines, on their turn, impairs the circulation in the intestines, So more cold can settle. Also beyond the intestines the results are noticeable. The reduction of building materials weakens your systems. Examples of the first complaints in regard to this are: fatigue, poor resistance, poor vascular structure (fast bruising), decreased appetite, detention of grease, pollution and water in the cells (too thick), distension in the abdomen, headache, poor concentration and lethargy. Eventually this can lead to more serious conditions such as systemic diseases, diabetes, rheumatism, heart-disease and cancer. Enough of these scare tactics. The conclusion is that you can do something about it.

4 steps to eliminate chronic loose stools

When you have frequently problems with loose stools, diarrhea, or undigested food residue in your stools, you can follow the following 4 steps:

  1. Make sure you’re warm at all times, no cold feet, cold hands, abdomen or back. So at least you don’t suffer from heat loss.
  2. in order to heat the internal belly take 3 x daily at least a cup of ginger tea and put your one or two times per day a water bottle on your abdomen.
  3. Do not take cooling food more. So you avoid raw vegetables, yogurt (like), citrus fruits and juices, tropical fruits and juices.
  4. take Taiwan Chlorella every day. Quietly build up the dose over a number of days to 4 grams per day for women and 6 grams per day for men. This Taiwan Chlorella restores your lining, removes blockages on, restores your resistance, cleans up pollution on and gives you extra concentrated vitamin, minerals and building materials for your daily functions and recovery.

Warmth, warmth and more warmth

So to warm is key. If you don’t make sure you get enough warmth. Than everything else will be insufficient. It goes without saying that you also apply these steps with an acute cold, so acute diarrhea .The discussed cold can cause more problems other than in the intestine. We will see about this in another story.

Do you suffer from chronic diarrhea? Give us your questions and experience.  www.taiwanchlorella.nl

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