When not to take antibiotics

Antibiotics against a virus or bacteria?

Antibiotics is still much prescribed and taken in response to an infection with a bacteria as a cause. Although it does not primarily work against a virus, it is also widely used on virus induced diseases such as chronic colds. Maybe because a virus infection often goes hand in hand with a bacterial influence?? That it is a very drastic measurement only a few people know.

Antibiotics kill everything on a microbiological level

How drastic are antibiotics? The name antibiotic says it all. ‘ Anti ‘ means ‘ against ‘ and ‘ bios ‘ means ‘ life ‘. Antibiotics therefore means against life. Therefor it is a poison! In practice this means that all micro-organisms in your body will be killed when in contact with antibiotics. The disease-causing bacteria, of course, is the target, but the poison does not distinguish between good and bad micro-organisms. This means that all the good bacteria, supporting your body, also die. This ‘ good ‘ bacteria live in the intestines and in particular in your mucous membranes to help with your defense and your digestion of food. In order to portray what the result of antibiotics; There are billions of “good” bacteria in the intestines in more than 1000 species. When antibiotics enters also billions of these good bacteria will die and rot. Their decaying bodies will cover the mucous lining of the bowel folds. Leaving a rotting slimy layer. You can imagine that the healthy absorption of nutrients will suffer enormously. But that is not the end of it. When this mucous lining is not fully cleared up in time, pathogenic fungi will start to grow on top of it. That leads to infections and overgrowth to other parts of the body (candida). So this is why so many people keep on having these vague complaints after taking antibiotics. The situation has become chronical.

That is a very negative image, but luckily you can do something about it.

Only take antibiotics in extreme situations.

First, of course, prevention is better than the cure. Do not take antibiotics unless there really is no other way out. For example, don’t take it with an unclear fever, the flu, a bladder infection, not even when you have pneumonia if it is not life threatening. Note also that you guard your baby from antibiotics the first year of his/her life. It is still given very lightly. Get informed and dare to ask questions. There are a lot of alternatives, ask your doctor or natural healer for products that stimulate the natural healing process of the body, instead of killing it.

Bowel cleansing

If you have had antibiotics, recently or a long time ago, then purify your intestines and treat the infections with this recipe, which will take you about 4 weeks.

  1. Do not take any sugars or alcohol in any form. That means no coffee with sugar, no sweet fruits, no honey, no soft drinks, no chocolate, no beer, no liquor and so on. Cereals and roots which are also sweet of taste are not a problem. Sugar is like gasoline on the fire of the inflammation.
  2. Lower your intake of meat these weeks. Do not eat pork meat at all. Also meat supports the inflammation activity.
  3. Prevent stress. Stress is good for nothing, acidification creates pollution and support of inflammation
  4. Only take natural products and no refined products such as: white bread, white sugar, supermarket oils, margarines, industrial processed foods. These products are a type of chemical stress and also have the effect of pollution and support of inflammation.
  5. Take Taiwan Chlorella every day and build it up slowly from day one. Start with 1 gram a day for 3 days. Than 2 grams per day, for 3 days. Than 4 grams, again for 3 days and finally 10 grams per day. This last dose is called a therapeutic dose. Keep to this dose for 2 weeks in a row. After these 2 weeks you can go on to the normal maintenance dose of 4 grams per day for women and 6 grams per day for men. The purpose of this treatment with Taiwan Chlorella is first to cleanse the intestines through the chlorophyll. But in addition it also restores your bowel lining, it eliminates the blockades, it restores your resistance, and it will give you extra concentrated vitamins, minerals and building materials for your bodily functions.
  6. Eat lots of green vegetables is this period, but even after that, they remain healthy for a good bowel movement and purification. Probiotics
    Probiotics (Prebiotics) is often recommended as a raising agent against antibiotics. Probiotics can be used to replace the ‘ good ‘ bacteria, but it’s better you first clean your ‘ home ‘ before you take in new residents. Probiotics also purifies secondary but nowhere near as strong as a good Chlorella.

This recipe can be used with all poisoning situations through medication. Such as after anesthesia, during chemotherapy, after each medicinal period or during a period that you take medication.

Every person is different, that is why you have to build the Taiwan Chlorella slowly. Chlorella can not cause any damage or side effects, for it is pure nature.  In principle, you cannot overdose it, in the same way you cannot overdose the intake of lettuce or spinach. However Taiwan Chlorella is 100% pure and thus quite powerful in its effect. When cleaning up toxins, constipation, diarrhea or mild headaches might occur. This is a good response which shows that Chlorella is at work. Do you have these symptoms do not increase the dosage, but wait until these symptoms have subsided. After this you can start building up the dose again.

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