How to measure the effects of Taiwan Chlorella

As a result of our blog about the effects of Taiwan Chlorella, we receive many questions from people about how they can measure their own health. Our health advisers come up with the answer below.

The numbers tell the tale

When we talk about measuring health, you often think of measuring blood pressure, cholesterol, blood sugar, blood tests and laboratory tests of the urine and stool. These examinations belong in particular to the working method of the GP and the hospital specialist. Many people think that they cannot measure their own health, but nothing could be further from the truth. You as your own individual are the designated specialist of your own body. Why? Because you observe yourself all day (and often also at night). The reason that you go to a doctor or take a supplement is often because you have clear or unclear sensation something isn’t right. These sensations of complaints we call symptoms, but they are actually the motivations to improve something about yourself. Now these symptoms are not immediately an objectively measurable thing.

How to make your symptoms objective.

By rating and / or placing the feeling associated with the symptoms, you can make them objective and measurable. By listing all your symptoms, you map them through a different, but much more comprehensive system. Suppose you have a stomach ache, you can rate the degree of pain. Let’s say a number from 1 to 10 where 10 is super healthy. For example, you could give the stomach ache a 4. That’s a big stomach ache. In addition, you indicate the frequency, like every day, or only half an hour in the morning. Or as the result of something specific such as eating onions. Your bowel movements can also be involved and you can grade with a point. For example, you have already made your stomach ache to a large extent objective. When you look at that stomach ache again two weeks later, you can see that things have changed. This way you can deal with a whole list of symptoms.

Symptom list.

We have prepared a diagnosis list for you and added it to this blog. It is already a fairly extensive list, where a lot is already being mapped. But you can also add to it yourself, remove or specify things that don’t matter. You can download this list here: download diagnostic list.

Measure the change you initiate

Of course it is a representation of your total experience and it is influenced by everything you do. It always is. Even if you take medication. But if you keep everything pretty much the same and start a clear change, such as taking Taiwan Chlorella, you can clearly see the change in your symptoms.

The diagnosis of yourself is the most important measure of your overall health

We are a complex whole and when you dive deep into one area and look for the culprit, such as a substance that you would miss in the blood, then you lose the most important thing, namely the overview. As a specialist of your own body you can observe perfectly what is going on. And even if you cannot explain it in medical terms, your feelings remain the most important measure of your health.

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