What exactly is CGF?

CGF is the abbreviation for the Chlorella Growth factor. The Chlorella Growth Factor is part of the Chlorella organism; a part of the cell nucleus even. But it is not just one substance. It is a complete collaboration of a lot of substances, which together by means of complex processes ensure that the single-celled chlorella divides. It is therefore responsible for the multiplication or growth of the total chlorella population.

Why is CGF extra special?

The growth of Chlorella is unprecedented; within 24 hours a chlorella cell can divide at least twice, which means that within 24 hours a total amount of chlorella becomes at least four times larger. That is fantastic, of course, but it also has an extra meaning for us humans when we take chlorella. Namely the DNA and RNA of Chlorella is very basic. Basic in a way that we humans can use this DNA and RNA for the growth and repair of our own cells and tissues. This has also been shown in scientific studies. At the moment we do not know of any other animal or vegetable product that is able to do this in this way, to this extent.

In addition to DNA and RNA, there are, as mentioned, countless other substances in the cell nucleus that together ensure this growth and repair. CGF is the extract of these substances, because they are extracted separately from the many cell nuclei.

What does that mean for us?

This means that the chlorella cell has the unique property of actually helping us in our recovery and healthy growth. CGF as an extract of this property has an additional 100 times stronger effect in this area.

How do we use CGF in practice?

You can therefore use CGF :

  • With reduced growth of children,
  • For repair of a fracture or larger wound,
  • In cancer (to say that CGF helps to cure cancer is going too far, but it prevents tumor growth and helps restore healthy tissue),
  • After a serious illness,
  • At the first signs of forgetfulness or dementia,
  • Ter prevention of a serious disease (strengthening your immune system)
  • For extra energy (significantly more than ginseng or royal jelly )

You then take CGF in addition to your normal chlorella dose, because you don’t want to miss out on the removal of toxins and heavy metals through the cell wall and the chlorophyll. You also don’t want to miss the extra vitamins, minerals and essential amino acids.


Studies into the effect of CGF show that with administration of CGF:

  • The degeneration (aging, death) of tissue is counteracted,
  • The growth and repair of tissue is increased (studies in the field of skin, skeleton and organ tissue) ,
  • White blood cells and lymphocytes (immune and disposal) increase,
  • the effect of harmful bacteria and viruses is prevented,
  • The amount of increase growth hormones
  • there occurs an improvement in nerve contact and transmission
  • There is a reduction of tumor growth in cancer.

If you are interested in reading these studies, you can request a list of studies in the field of CGF and chlorella via info@taiwanchorella.nl

People like to fence with scientifically proven or not. However, science must limit itself enormously to the variables in a study (looking with blinders on). This means that every study comes with careful conclusions that are surrounded with remarks and asks for further study.

Nature cannot be captured in a test tube. Nevertheless, I mention these results here because in addition to the many years of experience from practice, all these studies together nevertheless point to the very special way of working of CGF and chlorella.

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