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Why can you use Taiwan Chlorella as a therapeutic chlorella?

Because the best strains are always selected, you get an increasingly stronger chlorella with every culture you grow. We have been doing this for over 55 years. Our chlorella is the only one in the world that has such a building history. We are proud of this. This makes the quality of Taiwan Chlorella extremely powerful. It can be used for ailments and disorders and will really make a difference. In other words, a therapeutic supplement.

The right dose

When you are healthy and want to stay healthy, but also when you want to take chlorella therapeutically, you can initially take the maintenance dose as a starting point.

The correct dose of chlorella is of course important. Both when you use chlorella as support and for a regular clean-up of pollution. As well as when you use it to treat certain ailments or a distinct illness. In all cases, the maintenance dose is initially your starting point.


What is a maintenance dose?

A maintenance dose is linked to your size and weight. If you are a young man or woman with a low weight, you take less than if you are taller and heavier.


The maintenance dose for children under six years of age is:

  • Tablets: 2-5 tablets per day
  • Powder: 0.5-1.25 g per day.

The maintenance dose for children from six to eighteen years of age is:

  • Tablets: 5-10 tablets per day
  • Powder: 1.25-2.5 g per day.

The maintenance dose for an adult is:

– Tablets: 10-16 tablets per day

– Powder: 2.5-4 g per day.


In regard to this application, we give some examples here:

– A child of 10 years we give a dose of 7 tablets per day

– A woman of 1.70 m. who weighs 60 kg. takes a dose of 10 tablets per day

– A man of 1.85 m. with a weight of 90 kg. takes a dose of 16 tablets per day


How to build up your dose

In an ideal situation, you take Taiwan Chlorella 30 minutes before a meal with plenty of water. You can take your dose all at once or divided over more times during the day.

Always when you start taking Taiwan Chlorella, you should build it up in stages. The reason for this is that reactions of the body (due to cleansing activity) may occur which you have to take into account.

You don’t want these reactions to become too big or too defining. These reactions can include diarrhea, constipation, heartburn or headache.

We therefore recommend that you slowly build up a maintenance dose in 3 steps; Starting with 1/3 dose for 3 days. If it feels good you go to 2/3 dose. Again for 3 days. And finally, if that feels right, switch to the normal recommended dosage.

In what scenario do you take more and when less?

Your body will always give you the indication what it needs. When you calmly build up your dosage of Taiwan Chlorella and monitor your reactions, you will find the right dosage for you for that time.

If you have a certain condition or ailments, in some cases you can react more sensitive and a maintenance dose, as indicated above, may be too high for you. You can see that in the build up of your maintenance dose when one or some of the reactions as mentioned start to occur; constipation, diarrhea, headache, or heartburn. You then adjust your dose by taking a little less, so that the reactions disappear or become tolerable. You then keep on taking this dose for a period of time until your body is purified enough for you to pick up the build up again. These reactions are not side effects; they are a sign that the chlorella is doing its job, only too strong for you at that time.


You may also want to use Taiwan Chlorella to clean up the remains of excessive medication use, such as antibiotics, chemo or chronic medication. In this case, we recommend the build-up of your dosage to a double maintenance dose. Here too, you look at your reactions during your build-up. When you have reached this double maintenance dose, keep on taking this dosage for two weeks.


Use with other medications and overdose


Taiwan chlorella has no adverse effects on Western medications or other herbs. Not even on the effect of chemo. Because it is absorbed naturally, just like food, an overdose is therefore not possible. Just like you cannot overdose vegetables. When you are not in balance you can get reactions like the ones described above. Hence we say: build it up slowly. A maximum dose is stated on the packaging. The text is only there because this is required by law.


The therapeutic effect

Many people who have complaints are polluted; by medication (from that moment or a due to medication intake a long time ago) or by the long-term malfunctioning of their body (self-pollution). In the case of a chronic complaint, the self-pollution of your system is always present. One of the main therapeutic effects of chlorella is therefore the purification of the body, which allows organs to normalize and restore in a healthy way.

The second major therapeutic effect is the supplemental function that Taiwan Chlorella offers to people who have deficiencies due to a long imbalance of their physical functioning. By supplementing with the nutrients of Taiwan Chlorella, the absorption can return to normal and their cells can regain their balance.

Both therapeutic actions support the self-healing ability of your body, which makes healing possible again in a natural way.

In our blogs you will find examples of some complaints and disorders.

The approach of ailments with chlorella is generally beneficial regarding all disbalances. Specifically you can think of diabetes, migraine, abdominal pain, chronic diarrhea, constipation, general joint complaints, candida, colitis, bodily waste problems, allergies, vitamin deficiencies such as vitamin B12, high cholesterol, immune problems, autoimmune diseases and much, much more.

Ask your doctor or therapist for advice on these or other conditions. You can also always ask us a question about your personal situation here. We work with medical professionals and pass on your question to them.

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