Who are Taiwan Chlorella

Taiwan Chlorella has been cultivated and produced in Taiwan since 1964 by the Taiwan Chlorella manufacturing company. Continuous improvement in strains and quality has made it the most renowned and acclaimed chlorella producer in the world.

In Europe, Taiwan Chlorella is sold from the Netherlands by Taiwan Chlorella Europe.

The permanent team of Taiwan Chlorella Europe consists of:

  • Hasta Langit: Head of Customer Service.
  • Maxime Leclercq: manager IT and marketing
  • Mathijs Broux: brand manager, marketing and communication
  • Marie Van Kulit: head of distribution
  • Henk Helsper: medical expert

Contact and personal advice

On this site you will find everything you want to know about Chlorella. We are completely transparent about our products and methods and post our test reports. We also provide answers to most questions here. Do you have a question that you cannot find answered on this site? Or do you want personal advice regarding your situation? Send us an email. We can be reached every working day from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm

Send an email to

✉ info@taiwanchlorella.nl

(Responses every working day)

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