Chlorella Tablets

Chlorella tablets

What is the difference between Tablets and powder

There is no difference iof effect between Chlorella tablets or powder. The difference is only the way of digestion. Tablets digest more natural compared to powder which is taken with water. Powder will hardly be in the the stomach for digestion. Chlorella contains quite a few proteins which ask energy of the stomach for digestion. It is for this reason that powder can be a better choice for people with stomach problems. In all other cases tablets are to be prefered, because of this protein digestion.

How do I determine my maintanance dose

The maintenance dose of 16 tablets for a man, as mentioned on the website, applies to the average man of 185 cm and 80 kilos. The maintenance dose of 12 tablets for a woman, as mentioned on the website, is the dose for the average woman of 170 cm long and 60 kilos.

Are you lighter or heavier then the dose goes down respectively up according the percentage.

Do you have any questions about our Chlorella?

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