Who is Taiwan Chlorella Europe

Taiwan Chlorella is the oldest and most specialized producer of chlorella in the world

Taiwan Chlorella is the product of the Taiwan Chlorella manufacturing company. There are two growing locations in Taiwan. From 1964 is the Taiwan Chlorella manufacturing company engaged in the production, quality and improvement of Taiwan Chlorella. Now it is one of the most renowned, acclaimed and largest Chlorella producers in the world. In Europe, Taiwan Chlorella is being sold by Taiwan Chlorella Europe.

Taiwan Chlorella Europe:

Our mission is to bring the best quality chlorella on the market. A chlorella that can actually improve people’s health substantially. If you choose Taiwan Chlorella, you know that you always buy a provable pure and 100% true chlorella. So you know exactly what you buy (and put in your body).

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Team of Taiwan Chlorella Europe

The regular team of Taiwan Chlorella Europe is formed by:

Hasta Langit

Hasta is the head of our customer service. She maintains contact with our customers. If you have any questions, you will contact Hasta. If she cannot answer your questions immediately, she will look for the answer for you. Sometimes she goes to the lab and sometimes to our medical professionals.

Personal note from Hasta:
I have never worked at a company where they stand behind their own product like they do here. Nobody is sent from box to wall. At Taiwan Chlorella, your questions and your health are taken seriously.

Marc Koolen

Marc Koolen is responsible for sales and distribution. He maintains contacts with our business customers and ensures that our chlorella is received, packaged and shipped.

Personal note from Marc:
I am a real health freak and I think Taiwan Chlorella is a super product. Everything is correct and everything is controlled carefully.


Henk Helsper

Henk Helsper is a doctor of Traditional Chinese medicine. Henk travels the world to give treatments and to give lectures. With backgrounds in physiotherapy, osteopathy and Traditional Chinese Medicine, he provides medical research and development. All our medical issues, but also many written blogs go through him.

Personal note from Henk: I am a big fan of Taiwan Chlorella. Because the chlorella cell is so close to the human cell, it is important that it is not tampered with. At Taiwan Chlorella they keep a close eye on this and do everything for the quality. The effectiveness of Taiwan Chlorella is therefore so great that it can be a complete healing method; It can fully mobilize and replenish your energy.

Do you have any questions? Send an email to info@taiwanchlorella.nl

Quality control

Quality is paramount for us.

Read here about the growing process and control.


Awards and certificates

Taiwan Chlorella has been a quality leader for decades and has received prizes and appreciation in many areas. Read more about this.

test rapports

We put our Chlorella regular to the test for its purity and efficiancy. Here you will find all information.

Working together with us

We are always looking for partners who also want to contribute to a healthier world

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