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Taiwan Chlorella is available in powder and tablets. In addition, there is the core material CGF

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We stand for our quality. Read about the breeding process here and see the test reports and certificates


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7 steps to purify your intestines

Colon cleansing, detox, you can read a lot about it and there is a lot of nonsense amongst it. What is true and more importantly; What is the value for you? I'll give you in short the highlights and then the 7 steps that you need to do to adequately clean your bowels....

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When not to take antibiotics

When not to take antibiotics Antibiotics against a virus or bacteria? Antibiotics is still much prescribed and taken in response to an infection with a bacteria as a cause. Although it does not primarily work against a virus, it is also widely used on virus induced...

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Looking for Chlorella of pure quality?
Taiwan Chlorella Europe sells, as the name says, Taiwan Chlorella in Europe. Production in Taiwan is done by Taiwan Chlorella manufacturing company. The company was founded in 1964 and is the world’s oldest and most specialized chlorella producer in the world.

Why are we only specialized in Chlorella?

When you want to be the best in something, we think you should fully focus on that. There is no more beautiful and more complete product in nature than Chlorella. The complete purification, nutrition and recovery of the body are second to none .. Taiwan Chlorella stands for a high quality Chlorella. Our mission is to qualitatively bring the best Chlorella to the market. A Chlorella that can actually substantially improve the health of people.

Do you have questions about our Chlorella?

We are happy to help you on working days from 07:30 to 17:00 via info@taiwanchlorella.nl

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