The 12 actions to lower your Cholesterol

Cholesterol is something you need, but bad values can endanger your health. There are 3 causes that lead to the wrong High Cholesterol levels: Too much worry, eating too much food with trans fats and pollution of your gut. 

There are a lot of discussions about the topics above; What is exactly what and how does it work exactly. Let’s not confuse you too much. About the main causes everyone agrees and on action as well. Therefore here in plain language what you should leave and do to lower your Cholesterol. No explanation about different types of cholesterol, no explanation about saturated and unsaturated fats. Just your daily 12 tips:

  1. Eat less pre-packaged food, buy your food fresh and prepare it yourself. Things such as: biscuits, sausage, chips, pizza, soup, peanut butter, frozen stuff and hand-made meals are worse for you than you might think. They all contain trans fats.
  2. Eat whole grains in your choice for bread, pasta, rice and other cereals.
  3. Eat organic meat and oily fish such as herring, salmon, eel, mackerel, Sardine and bloater.
  4. Eat less products strengthened with white sugar, artificial sweeteners or salt. Use the natural flavors.
  5. Use real butter instead of margarine on bread.
  6. Use real butter or clarified butter (ghee) for baking and frying.
  7. Use olive oil of 1st pressing for your salads.
  8. Use pure peanut oil for frying.
  9. Drink a cup of ginger tea every day.
  10. Purify your abdomen and liver with Taiwan Chlorella at least 3 x daily 3 tablets. (with taking Chlorella is also your vitamin intake strongly increases)
  11. Take ½ hour to an hour every day for a moderate sport like walking, cycling, swimming or other sports.

And the most important is:

  1. Don’t worry. Put worry and stress on the side. Everything is relative. Many concerns are accompanied by a bad digestion and poor circulation, so a higher cholesterol.

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